Become a Sponsor

The ACF is committed to creating programs and events that educate, promote awareness and prevention while fundraising for our cause. This year we are creating a diverse range of consumer events that will engage our followers and supporters and grow our reach while fundraising to provide needed services to those affected by this disease.

We aim to give our sponsors the opportunity to engage with our dedicated supporters in meaningful ways that build brand awareness, encourage trial or purchase and keeps your brand top-of-mind.

Our supporters come in a wide range of diverse demographics of cancer victims and survivors, family and friend supporters, athletes and those just looking to get involved in a pro-social cause.

The ACF runs on our supporters and sponsors. We try to create events and programs that everyone will enjoy and benefit from. If you don’t see an event that works for your brand, contact us and we can create a new partnership idea that builds on your brand’s initiatives and pro-social goals.

For more information about sponsoring our events, please contact:
Henry Stryder
Executive Director
(908) 431-9800